Fuel storage tanks for sale

We are a highly specialized manufacturer of portable fueling stations and storage tanks. Our German engineering and industry experience guarantees the right technology and solution for mining, construction, forestry, oil & gas, marine, aviation, emergency response/disaster recovery and commercial applications.

Our tank and fuel containers are deployed worldwide. We design multi-chamber dispensing units for diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, gasoline/petrol, kerosene and plant oils, as well as customized solutions.

Our products work efficiently under the harshest climates, from –60C to +55C, or –76F to +130F. The ISO containerized design allows for easy transportation via flatbed truck, rail or sea to the most remote regions, while installation takes less than 8 hours.

We using a holistic approach in transportation, installation, deployment, operation and then re-deployment and putting the real day-to-day uses of our customers’ fueling and storage needs in the new world economy.

  • For temporary use or permanent installation
  • Autonom working system with generator
  • 1 & 2 chamber system
  • Safety tank system, double walled
  • Desert Area Proofed, Sun Roof, Lighting
  • For Cars, Trucks, Yachts, Helicopters
  • Office room
  • Filling pump
  • Safety explosion protection system
  • Easy and quick mounting
  • Automatic billing system
  • Size 10" 20" 40"

Staff free fuel stations

Gas station cluster

Stackable tank containers

Our decades of experience and innovation in the manufacturing business of tank and storage systems, guarantee the highest quality and security of our products. With over 40,000 installed units around the globe, we are a leading manufacturer with continuous growth. Our patented cubic structure for optimal fuel storage is one of many of our innovations in this area.

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